Thursday, 30 October 2008

Russian Roulette

My corp mate Jalif told me about an incident he had with a corp called PANDA, a bunch of hard talking Russians, I don't remember all that he said happened but the gist of the story was that PANDA double crossed him on a pre arranged 1 vs 1. Not a good thing to do but as anti pirate players have no morals or sense of honour it is a tactic we lower sec players must be prepared for.

I decided to spend that afternoon in Half, PANDAS home territory, disrupting their operations. Later that evening I had come back online and was roaming around Heild when I spotted a PANDA roaming gank squad consisting of Tech 1 frigs and cruisers, the pilots were young and I think they believed that they could find and kill myself or Jalif.

Jalif came to Heild after I explained the situation in corp chat, he also introduced me to some inhabitants of moulden heath's low sec areas who were also aggrieved at PANDA a good mix of what would normally be considered pirate and prey banding together to protect their mutual territory from these incomers.

Jalif was sitting on a gate in a bombing typhoon trying to blow up frigs but they were wise to the bombs radius of death by now I warped in to area at 50km and by the scanner there were 2 cruisers, an arbitor and a blackbird. I landed 30km from the Blackbird which was automatically primary and assessed that the frigs were far enough away from my Cerberus to release 2 salvoes before i had to worry about the frigs scramming me. I warped out just after my second lainch of Navy scourge erupted against his hull but unfortunately he managed to warp with some of his structure intact.

After landing at the planet I immediately warped back in at 30km knowing that I would have pulled the frigs away from their previous position and I wanted a pop at the arbitrator I played it the same way with the same results and the arbitrator got away in stucture. The rest of the PANDA gang went safe also. I bounced the system looking for new targets for 15 minutes until my criminal flag was gone then as I was warping to the Bosena gate in Heild I scanned an arbitrator there, I knew this was my chance, he jumped and I followed Jalif was on otrherside of the gate in a hugginn by this point, unknown to me, and had the arbitrator locked down. I opened up with a full release of missiles and laughed as the pod was released from its prison and watched Jalif warp to safety just as he did the gate fired again and with my sheilds holding at 80% I waited for the decloak, it was a PANDA kestrel which I 1 volleyed to the great spaceship graveyard, job done.

It looks like PANDAS are an endangered species in Moulden Heath.

Pirate or Anti-pirate?

I have heard lots about pirate/anti pirate since spending more time in low sec, when I teamed up with my current CEO Black Claw I began to understand the thinking of these guys a bit more [LINK HERE] Even though I had been down to -8.4 sec status before I had never considered myself a pirate. I was always either with my mate Rhumbline or solo or in a very small corp. We lived off the land in low sec, some mining (yeuchhh) some hunting in nearby 0.0. Then if a character with neutral or negative standings was to appear any where close we would see them as another commodity for our survival, ransom for isk or loot them or if they happened to have a bounty we would take that.

Pirate or anti-pirate? Neither just a player scraping a living.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

My first blog \o/

I have never blogged before but since meeting my new corp ceo who is an avid blogger I have decided to give it a go.

This is my first post and having played eve online for a few years now I have lots of stories to tell. I may incorporate a few of these into some blogs but I intend to start from my time in Scorpion's Sting. I wont say that this is the best corp I have been in as the journey is just begining and it would be disrespectful to IITI and P.I, two corps where I felt at home as much as I do Scorpion's Sting.

My corp mates are not numerous but the quality is there. I get the feeling that we are turning into a good team.