Thursday, 30 October 2008

Pirate or Anti-pirate?

I have heard lots about pirate/anti pirate since spending more time in low sec, when I teamed up with my current CEO Black Claw I began to understand the thinking of these guys a bit more [LINK HERE] Even though I had been down to -8.4 sec status before I had never considered myself a pirate. I was always either with my mate Rhumbline or solo or in a very small corp. We lived off the land in low sec, some mining (yeuchhh) some hunting in nearby 0.0. Then if a character with neutral or negative standings was to appear any where close we would see them as another commodity for our survival, ransom for isk or loot them or if they happened to have a bounty we would take that.

Pirate or anti-pirate? Neither just a player scraping a living.

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